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About Us

This website is maintained by the New Mexico Fair Lending Coalition.  We are a consortium of over forty financial counselling and social service organizations who see the devastation created by high cost lending stores and internet sites daily.  Our mission is to end the looting of low income New Mexicans by unscrupulous lenders, while encouraging the growth of beneficial loan business models to replace them.

The consortium has two specific goals.

  • Enact across the board interest and fee caps of 36% or less on all New Mexico regulated loans.  Experience in other states and the US Military has shown this to be the simplest and most effective way to eliminate loan abuses.
  • Encourage government policies that promote the growth of affordable lenders as well as treasury and permanent fund investment in those that succeed. 

​Please send us your personal stories about loan store rip offs and we will paste them to our stories web page.  We will honor any requests to remain anonymous.